eglise vivante

Worship and prayer is at the heart of ARM-Senegal's work, and the spacious church building, completed in 2002, provides a fitting venue for the community of around 50 believers to meet regularly.It also provides the setting for many inter-church events in Ziguinchor, comfortably accommodating up to 250 people. The baptistry sees frequent use; indeed 11 new Christians were baptised as recently as March 2013.]

The church is pastored by Roger Sambou, the Senegalese-born National Director of ARM-Senegal.

Most services and meetings are conducted in French, but on Sundays there is also translation into Wolof. Sunday services consist of around an hour of singing in typical African style - unaccompanied, but with plenty of percussion - followed by around an hour of preaching. The church congregation is young and enthusiastic, but mostly very new Christians who are in need of much discipleship. There is constant pressure from family and friends who are Muslim.

A typical week at the church:

Eglise Vivante has been involved in outreach from the start and planted new, small churches on the remote estuary island of Eloubalile and at the village of Mpack on the Guinea-Bissau border. The growing community around the Sambous' home at Bourofaye has also spawned a church, with up to 40 attending Sunday worship, using the chapel built as part of the Bible school.