Our vision is to make disciples for Jesus in the towns and villages of Senegal and beyond. We are committed to the training and encouraging of all believers to reach their full potential for God and to the planting of missionary sending churches

ARM-Senegal director Roger Sambou and his wife Rachel

African Revival Ministries-Senegal has been working in the Casamance region of Senegal for over 15 years: church-planting and evangelism; medical work; working with street children and orphans. ARM-Senegal UK is a registered charity supporting the Senegalese-led mission. The Trustees and Administration in Europe take no salaries or expenses so that all the gifts received go directly and completely into our work.

Casamance is a very poor region of Africa but like the rest of Senegal, relatively politically stable, so that our work can concentrate on building long term structures, systems and relationships rather than short-term firefighting. We seek to show the love of Christ through improving the lives of those we touch in our Bon Samaritain clinic, our Elupay Yati Kaman orphanage, the Talibé project and of the Eglise Vivante churches and their activities.

Recent News

Ténébou and Bethan Manga have just led a weekend mission to the remote estuary island of Eloubalile, where ARM planted a church over 12 years ago. The church has struggled to survive in this isolated spot, beset by very strong animist spiritual forces. However, the weekend mission played Christian evangelistic films, held a church service and several medical clinics, to which people even came from neighbouring communities in their canoes! One young man gave his life to Jesus.

En route to Eloubalile

Film Presentation

Bethan Giving Team Briefing

Tenebou Treating Patients

The New Orphanage

The New Orphanage

The new house for the Orphanage. Rachel Sambou reports: "On February 8th, we dedicated the new Elupay Yati Kaman orphanage house to the Lord in the presence of local pastors, those who worked the home with the children and those who did the building as well as other friends and neighbours. A team from Florida was there, so we asked Pastor Curtis to lead the dedication. We will soon move the children in; we continue to seek long term houseparents.

The New Playground

On Dec. 24th, our children were blessed with a wonderful gift for Christmas, coming from another group of children in the USA. Thanks to a homeschooling group in Kansas, they now have their own playground."

Our Kindergarten is OPEN! In time for the new school year last October, the first stage of our school is up and running. Our teacher is a young lady who is a member of our church in Ziguinchor – a qualified primary teacher. We have received a grant of over £7,000 from a charity in York, England which has helped with the starting-up costs but need further help.

Next year, we will open a first year primary section for our current pre-schoolers, then in 2018 a second year class…. And so on. Although (very modest) fees are charged, many of the village families can’t even afford those, so educational sponsorships (about £20 per term) are hugely welcomed.

Finally, the Maternity Unit is ready to open. The buildings have been ready for about a year, but there was (and still is) need for further staff training and we lacked a state-of-the-art autoclave for sterilisation. This has now been bought and delivered thanks to generous financial support. We would love to see a voluntary midwife come from Europe or North America for a few months to train staff and reinforce the modern standards and supportive and respectful attitudes towards mothers which we are wanting to introduce.